Sunday, December 13, 2009

DBT Mouth Study ~ a tribute

I wish I could find this person! "This was the time I made the decision to quit DBT.Why? The fking diary cards! I have a real problem with minimizing my feelings into a number! 1-5 and ticking the stupid box. I am so much more than a statistic."

YES! You are more than a Statistic!


  1. I feel that right now... when I did EMDR this afternoon I had to rate positive messages from 1 to 7. I wanted to say "5 point 36" or "1.2229". I didn't. I picked a number and then immediately started second guessing it in my head. "Is that really a six?"
    You are right - you are much more than a number.

  2. Yeah I tried that cold horrible DBT method once. It was awful. I quit seeing that therp then went back to seeing her on the codition that we did not do DBT. Totally dehumanizing form of therapy that is.

  3. Hey voice on the video. hey got your comment and you totally got my prayers. I'm humbled that you asked me and grateful for each amazing step of your journey