Sunday, December 13, 2009

Here is a woman, Alicia, who attended a 5 day training on DBT and could not wait to write about all she learned!

However, after writing about 1 day of DBT, she seems to be so caught up in her "present moment" she did not update after day 1. Sadly, those of us who did not attend the *professional training* classes will forever be in the darkness about the training.

Or, maybe it was on the Linehan compound and she was "off'd" for opening her mouth...I'm not sure which..


  1. I wonder what happened to her? Perhaps after her second day of training she had already realized that self expression and the sharing of experience is frowned upon.

  2. Yep - probably buried in a basement somewhere with all of "our" (whisper) unacceptable Bx. I find myself unacceptably pissed off today. I'd better search for Alicia....she must be here somewhere in th quiet darkness with me...